Requires Student Card Status and Number

Annual Membership $35.00/ year

Renewal $20.00/year

Membership Services Include:

  1. Initial Career Consult
  2. Reduced Consultation Fees
  3. Access to Business Network Events
  4. Guest Speakers
  5. Volunteer Opportunities for Experience in Event Planning: Leadership; Administrative; and Accounting
  6. Current Resume Review
  7. Mentorship Program
  8. Collegial Connections
  9. Other

Cost is $ 250.00/year

Renewal is $ 100.00/ year

Corporate/Business Membership Includes:

  1. Initial Consult on Corporate Career Mentorship Program
  2. Part of a Network of provincial/national corporations
  3. Business Networking Events with Students
  4. Annual Mentorship Awards Gala
  5. Shared experience of other Corporate Career Mentorship Coordinators
  6. Individualized Corporate Program offered on AIMCanada Website
  7. Ability to receive Direct Student Applications
  8. Other

For further information, please contact